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DevRelate Roundup # 12

News, articles, blog posts, videos and upcoming events for Developer Relations Professionals

DevRelate Webinar – June 20 & 22, 2017: Know your Developers and Creating Personas

The value of segmenting your target audience is well known to marketers across industries. Populations don’t exist as a homogeneous group but always have variations that color their perceptions and their adoption of product offerings. The same is true for developers. Software developers can be divided in segments based on many factors. These might include […]

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Tracking Industry Dashboards to Align your DevRel Outreach

As part of keeping developers up to date on your company’s products and services, your developer relations program staff should keep track of what is happening with the operating systems that developers use for desktop, server, and mobile platforms. A great way to keep up to date is to bookmark some of the following dashboards […]

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Developer Personas I Have Known

In the forty-seven years since I wrote my first program, I can honestly say that I’ve never met a developer that I didn’t like. In all those years I have created many different types of applications and met tens of thousands of programmers in buildings, in cities and at conferences across the planet Earth. While source […]

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Developer Relations and your Company’s APIs – webinar info and links

This blog post contains additional information and links covered in the DevRelate webinar, "Developer Relations and your Company's APIs". You'll find API Documentation Examples, a discussion of API Versioning, a list of API Documentation Generation Tools, and more […]

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Less Than a Third of Companies Have an Overall Cyber Security Policy

With the recent WannaCry ransomeware attack on sites around the world, you might wonder whether your Developer Community site is secure. You might also consider helping your developer program members ensure that they are using security best practices as well. Cyber security has become one of the hottest issues today, but Evans Data’s just released […]

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World Wide Population of Young Developers, age 30 and younger, Tops 5.5 million

Back in April 2017, Evans Data recently reported that “Software Developers Getting Younger, More Gender Diverse“. The median age of today’s software developers has decreased overall on a worldwide basis and the number of women developers has increased, according to Evans Data’s recently released Developer Marketing 2017 survey report. This week, Evans Data reports that the […]

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Developer Programs and APIs in the News – Volume 2, Number 5

"Developer Program and APIs in the News" is a series of news items from developer programs around the world. In the two most recent articles, you'll read about news from Twilio, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Cisco, Lyft, JetBrains, Oracle, NVIDIA, Shopify, Apple, Google, Unsplash, Silver Springs Networks […]

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Developer Programs and APIs in the News – Volume 2, Number 6

In today’s interconnected world, companies in all industries need to publish APIs and cultivate a developer community to access and use them. To be competitive today, attracting and supporting developers is essential. The key to cultivating a vibrant developer community that uses your APIs and supports your platform is a good developer relations program. “Developer […]

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All of the DevRelate Blogs 

On our DevRelate blog you will find timely information about developer programs, developer relations, best practices, developer news and other information. At Evans Data we will continue to do everything possible to ensure that you developer outreach is the best in the business! […]

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DevRelate Roundup Newsletter Archive

This page contains links to the DevRelate Roundup newsletters that have been sent via email to DevRelate members. If you are not receiving these periodic newsletters, please check your DevRelate membership profile information. If you need assistance, send an email to […]

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