DevRelate is an online Developer Relations academy that provides online certification to efficiently train members of your developer relations team based on years of developer research and developer program benchmarking. We provide many complimentary resources with our free accounts but have even more to offer with premium membership. premium membership

Annual premium membership for DevRelate includes:

Annual premium membership for DevRelate includes:

  • Access to online academy of Developer Relations professional classes
  • Entry and ongoing maintenance of completion certificate in DevRelate directory
  • Access to a growing directory of certified Developer Relations professionals to connect with
  • Developer Relations job postings from top companies as well as exciting startups
  • A full library of conference sessions from Evans Data’s annual Developer Relations conference

The price for DevRelate membership is $599.Sign up today to get started on your journey to Developer Program success.

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Over two thirds of all developers belong to a developer program. That's a little over 14 million developers worldwide.
While over 14 million developers are all programs of some type, almost ten million are paying for their membership.
Premium Membership - 61% of developers who are in paid programs report that their memberships cost $1000 or more.
Premium Membership - Certification via a program provides credentials attractive to potential clients. Over 70% of developers hold a professional certification.
50% of all developers say they are at least somewhat successful in using developer programs to sell their skills & find potential clients.

The price for membership is $599.00 now.

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