IBM DeveloperWorks and the IBM DataFirst event

IBM’s DeveloperWorks developer program sets a high standard for helping developers grow their skills with great content, tools, SDKs, how-to tutorials and courses that cover a wide range of IBM tools and open standards technologies across the development life cycle. I had the honor and privilege of representing Evans Data Corporation this week at IBM’s New York City cool launch of their new DataFirst method. As IBM describes their DataFirst method “It’s simple. The more you put data to work in your organization, the better the outcome”.

The personas defined for DataFirst include (but are not limited to): Citizen Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, App Developer and Chief Data Officer. You can find more about the IBM DataFirst method and resources on their page at The replay of the Tuesday night public launch at the Hudson Merchantile, presented by Bob Picciano (SVP IBM Analytics) and other presenters, is available on YouTube at Bob talked about “Make Data Simple in the Cognitive Era” and the insight economy.

Articles about IBM DataFirst and the launch event

Here are a few of the many news, insights and information articles that have appeared following Tuesday’s launch event.

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