Developer Relations program At-a-Glance Checklist

Does your developer relations program have the features that developers are looking forward? At this year’s Evans Data Developer Relations Conference I presented a checklist of program features that every company’s developer outreach program should include. As part of that checklist, I have also created a draft “At-a-Glance” short form checklist based on the major features every program should include.

Developer Outreach At-a-Glance Checklist

This “at-a-glance” checklist was created to give a quick look format to some of the key developer program features. The choices included match the results of recent Evans Data developer research. A majority of developers listed many of the following areas as key to their success in using the APIs and services of a company’s developer program.

  • SDK(s)/API(s) Offered: Yes/No
  • Programming languages supported: Java, C/C++, C#, JavaScript, Python, …
  • Code/Samples Repository: proprietary, GitHub, SourceForge, BitBucket, …
  • Platforms/OS supported: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, …
  • Level of Developer Access to Company team members: Products/Services/Engineers
  • Content/Knowledge provided: articles, tutorials, documentation, videos, blogs, webinars
  • Social Networks leveraged: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, G+, …
  • Answers: Question/Answer section, Stack Overflow activity level, FAQs
  • Developer Forums/Newsgroups: Yes/No
  • Spoken languages supported: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, …
  • Partner Program: Yes / No
  • Developer Support: Free/Paid, Email/Phone
  • Developer Program Cost: Free /Paid
  • Events/Activities: conferences, trade shows, hackathons, meetups, …

This is a draft At-a-Glance checklist

I look forward to feedback from the DevRelate community for these items and any additional features or items to consider removing.

David I

VP of Developer Communities

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