Mapping APIs – which should a developer use?

Do you know the way to San Jose? I’ve used Mapping APIs to build map based applications using Google Maps API. I have not tried using Apple maps since their first fumbled introduction, but I have built and iOS app that uses MapKit. I had also used Navteq’s maps API for another demo. Navteq was purchased by Nokia which also had their own Nokia Maps. Nokia renamed the Navteq brand to HERE. In 2015 Nokia sold HERE to co-owners Audi, BMW and Daimler. HERE has a developer portal with mobile SDKs (iOS and Android), JavaScript API, REST API, Platform Extensions and Data Lens data visualization toolkit. One of the great things about being a developer, you get to play with a wide range of mapping SDKs, APIs, Frameworks and tools. One of the tough things about being a developer is choosing which mapping API or framework to use. You might decide to integrate two or more of the APIs into your apps: directions from one, images from another, and current location from a third.

Mapping APIs

Mapping APIs

Here (no pun intended) is a list of developer relations programs that support Mapping APIs. Check out their documentation and code examples at each of the sites.


Am I missing your Developer Relations Program’s Mapping APIs?

Send me an email if I haven’t listed your developer program that includes mapping APIs. Do you developer programs and APIs have additional features that should be highlighted?


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