Guy Kawasaki’s DRC 2017 Keynote – The Art of Evangelism

We had the distinct pleasure of having Guy Kawasaki give a keynote at our 13th Annual Evans Data Developer Relations Conference. Guy’s presentation was titled “The Art of Evangelism”. In his keynote, Guy explained the art of evangelism and how to “spread the good news” of your product or service and get others to help spread the word.

Guy_Kawasaki-Canva-Art_Of_Evangelism  Guy-Kawasaki-03

Guy started the keynote by defining evangelism as “getting people to believe as much as you do”. Guy then covered some of the history of evangelism starting from Greek history of “bringing the good news”. To answer the question about why you should evangelize your product or service: 1) it’s good, 2) it’s cheap, 3) the results are long lasting, and 4) it’s fun to be an evangelist. To start your evangelism effort, Guy told us “you need a cause”! To be successful you just need to remember to focus on outreach that is DICEE: Deep, Intelligent, Complete, Empowering and Elegant.

The Art of Evangelism

Guy then continued by focusing on the principles that make up the “Art of Evangelism”:

  • Touch gold
  • Plan many seeds
  • Provide a safe first step
  • Let 100 flowers grow
  • Localize your efforts
  • Think Tinder, not eHarmony
  • Show your passions
  • Post good stuff [David I note: sorry Guy, I couldn’t put the third word you used]
  • Post “too much”
  • Use user-generated content
  • Perfect your shareability

Guy completed his keynote by discussing the rise of Social Media evangelism. He encouraged everyone to be bold in your social posts, to dig deep into topics, and to “go live” with video and presentations. He suggested that everyone explore a few software tools, services and sites for your video social posts: Wirecast, Be.Live and Blue Jeans.

Guy also live streamed his keynote on his Facebook page. You can find the keynote on Guy’s Facebook video page at

Guy Kawasaki Web Site –


Your DevRel Garage, Loft, and Hands on Lab at a Coding Camp / Workspace

I was in San Francisco yesterday at the Galvanize Coding Camp and Workspace Location. Conjoined with the Galvanize location is the IBM Bluemix Garage. After drivng to the city and parking, I walked to the SoMa (South of Market Street) location and entered a wonderfully collaborative space full of engaged, excited and focused developers and students. There are many of these coding camp and workspace destinations all over the world. I’ve visited several schools and workspaces in my travels, but this one also included IBM’s Bluemix Garage. The combination created a Garage, Loft, and Hands on Lab all in one location. I went to the board room where I was part of a round table discussion lead by Willie Tejada, IBM’s Chief Developer Advocate.

Willie Tejada - IBM - Developer Relations Conference

The topic for the discussion was “How Cognitive Intelligence and Cloud are Reshaping App Development”. My thoughts during the discussion will have to wait for another blog post. For me, it was visiting the combination of the Galvanize location and the IBM Bluemix Garage. It was a marriage of learning, programming, design thinking, Watson cognitive development, and more.  I didn’t want to leave.

As I drove back down the coastal Highway 1 to the Evans Data office in Santa Cruz I had time to look at the Pacific Ocean and think about the combination and what it can mean to Developer Relations Programs around the world. Combining the educational environment, the startup vibe, the real world tools, and the spirit of adventure into a workspace conducive to real breakthroughs in application development. In one location you can combine students, professionals and executives learning Data Science, Data Engineering, Web Development, Cloud Native Essentials and Development, Data Science for Executives, and more. You’ll find meetups, happy hours, tech talks, and mentors.

Garage Loft Hands on Lab

Quoting from the Galvanize web site: “Traditionally, industry and education have existed in separate worlds. At Galvanize, we’re bridging this longstanding gap by bringing industry partners, ambitious students, world-class education, and passionate founders under one roof.”

If you can’t afford to have your own dedicated popup loft, hands on lab or garage, find a partner in your town (and in cities with companies and developers you want to reach out to) that has a Coding Camp and/or co-location development space. You’ll find that combining their business with your developer outreach will create an intoxicating, practical, beneficial, efficient and fruitful environment for students, start ups and enterprises.

Garage Loft Hands on Lab

Here are a few links to additional information for the Galvanize and IBM BlueMix Garage location that I visited at 44 Tehama Street.

It was great to be able to spend a little time with Willie who is one of our keynote presenters at the 13th Annual Evans Data Developer Relations Conference. Willie Tejada‘s keynote (Monday, March 27 at 1:15pm) is titled “Developer Advocacy in the Cognitive Era”. The keynote description is “Developers are the primary catalyst for today’s business disruption, defining the future of technology and transformation. IBM’s mission is to help developers realize their potential and identify the tools for success in three key areas: AI & Cognitive, Cloud Infrastructure, Data Security & Privacy. To achieve leadership in this space will mean harnessing the power of cognitive to redefine the way we solve today’s business, world and human challenges.”

Guy Kawasaki

It’s not too late to register for DRC 2017. You’ll also hear Guy Kawasaki’s keynote “The Art of Evangelism” on Monday morning.

Does your Developer Relations Program Hook Up with Code Camp and Workspace Locations?

Send me an email if your developer relations program partners with code camps and/or workspace locations. I’d like to hear how you combine your outreach and leverage the entrepreneurial environment for the benefit of both companies.

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Guy Kawasaki to Deliver Keynote at Evans Data’s 13th Annual Developer Relations Conference

At this year’s Evans Data Developer Relations Conference, March 27 and 28, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Palo Alto California, attendees will hear from Guy Kawasaki, the world’s best developer evangelist. I first met Guy when the Macintosh computer was launched when he and Alain Rossmann delivered an early Mac to the company I was working for, Softsel Computer Products, in Los Angeles.

Guy Kawasaki developer evangelist

Guy and Alain carried the Mac on the plane in a bag (back then you did not have to take your computer out for screening before boarding the plane). They showed me the new computer, demonstrated the software and left it with me. Their goal at the time was to get as much Macintosh software into computer stores (yes, there were stores back them for hardware and software) as soon as possible. I remember taking the computer home over the weekend and with my brother-in-law Leigh, we played with and learned about the Mac. We first used Mac Basic to write some test programs and to peek and poke around the Mac’s memory. Then we used Digital Research’s CPM/68k and developer tools to do some additional testing.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of introducing Guy as a keynote speaker at one of Borland’s (now called Embarcadero) developer conference. Guy often tells people that I’m the only one who has ever introduced him as a keynote speaker wearing shorts and a tie dye t-shirt. Welcome to Santa Cruz, Guy! At that developer conference, Guy spoke about his “Rules for Revolutionaries” with 10 rules taken from the book. I often use Rule #5, “Make Evangelists, Not Sales”,  in my evangelism talks to developer relations program professionals and software companies.

rules-for-revolutionaries   developer evangelist

I’ve heard Guy present more times that I can remember and I learn something new from him every time. After he spoke about his 10 tips for using Social Media (he and Peg Fitzpatrick are the authors of “The Art of Social Media“) at our local Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup, You can watch the Facebook Live replay. I went home and immediately updated all of my social sites avatars and background images.

Evans Data Press Release about Guy Kawasaki and the 13th Annual Developer Relations Conference

In a recent press release, Evans Data announced that Guy Kawasaki will be part of the keynote lineup of speakers for the 13th annual Developer Relations Conference on March 27-28, 2017 in Palo Alto, CA.


“Over the past 13 years the Developer Relations Conference has been bringing together leading authorities on developer relations and developer ecosystem strategy to meet, forge partnerships, and exchange insights on developer ecosystem development,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data Corp. “This year’s conference will be no exception and we’re delighted to be joined by legendary evangelist Guy Kawasaki for his keynote session on “The Art of Evangelism.”

If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Guy Kawasaki, currently the chief evangelist of Canva, live you should join us in Palo Alto at the end of March. If you need Guy’s keen developer evangelism insights to help you enhance your developer outreach program, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to learn from Guy any many other world class developer relations program leaders, advocates and evangelists.

Register now for the Evans Data Developer Relations Conference. You can also register for the Sunday, all day, Developer Relations Boot Camp to kick start and accelerate your company’s developer outreach program.

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Evans Data Developer Relations Conference 2017 – March 27-28 – Palo Alto, CA

The 13th annual Evans Data Developer Relations Conference (DRC2017) will take place on March 27 & 28 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Palo Alto California. This conference is an event unlike any other, where developer relations experts from leading companies in the software, hardware, telecom and web markets come together to discuss best practices and reveal the techniques behind their success! Topics will cover all aspects of developer relations, ranging from the business side (program ROI, the connection between developer programs and company revenue, budgeting for/costs of developer programs, how to get an organization’s commitment of internal resources, etc.) to the marketing side (techniques for recruitment, awareness tactics, community loyalty building programs, legal/privacy and global privacy considerations, conducting a privacy audit, internationalizing a US-based developer program, etc), and much more. Whether you are starting a new developer relations program or building on a current one, you deserve all of the help you can get – and this is the place to get it!

Developer Relations Conference – Keynote Speakers

DRC2017 keynote speakers include:

Janel Garvin
Evans Data
Janel Garvin Developer Relations Conference Keynote Speaker
Guy Kawasaki
Chief Evangelist
Guy Kawasaki Developer Relations Conference Keynote Speaker
Willie M. Tejada
IBM Chief Developer Advocate
IBM Digital Business Group
Willie Tejada - IBM - Developer Relations Conference
Scott Apeland
Director Developer Program
Scott Apeland, Intel - Developer Relations Conference Keynote Speaker
Thomas Grassl
VP Global Head Developer Relations
Thomas Grassl SAP - Developer Relations Conference Keynote Speaker
Adam Rogal
Head of Engineering, Developer Platform
Adam Rogal Uber - Developer Relations Conference


Who will attend

Attendees come from global, enterprise and industry segments including registrants coming from the top software, hardware, telecom, cloud, IoT, device, brick & mortal, automotive, financial services, Internet and media companies. At the DRC2017 you will network with and learn from

  • VPs, CTOs, and CEOs
  • Business Development Managers & Directors
  • Managers & Directors of Developer Programs
  • Product Marketing Managers & Directors
  • Marketing Managers
  • Technology & Developer Evangelists
  • Products Managers
  • Research Managers
  • Corporate Communications Managers
  • Heads of Developer Marketing
  • ANYONE who deals with developers!


Developer Relations Conference Registration is Now Open!

You can take advantage of the Super Early Bird registration pricing for yourself and members of your team. Registration details are available at

Conference Schedule-at-a-Glance

You can view the two days of keynote and breakout sessions on the schedule at a glance page. The session slots also include Hot Topic Roundtables, The Data Game and new for the 2017 conference – “Pitch your Program” Ignite Talks.

Have you ever been or given an Ignite Talk?  Ignite talks are 5 minute talks using 20 slides that advance every 15 seconds. Developer Relations Conference registrants can sign up on advance to take part in this fast paced session. You can find addition information and example ignite talks on the Ignite Talks web site. Presenters will be judged by conference attendees and will win prices.


Developer Relations Boot Camp – Sunday March 26 9am – 4:40pm

The Evans Data Corporation’s Developer Relations Boot Camp provides a solid foundation on which you can build or enhance your developer program. Concentrated sessions in this one-day instructional program provide the insight and actionable information you can use to build your brand and establish strong relationships with your developer community.

The combination of an experienced boot camp faculty and Evans Data developer research will guide:

  • careful consideration regarding the reasons why developers seek out and contribute to developer programs
  • the most effective means of reaching out to them
  • how you can leverage social media to greatest effect.


At the end of the day you will leave with a certificate of completion as well as the knowledge and confidence to create, enhance and run a world class developer program.

You can register for the Boot Camp or add it to your developer relations conference registration –


See you next March!

David I - Developer Relations Conference
David Intersimone “David I”
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Evans Data Corporation
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Guy Kawasaki’s “Art of Social Media” – time to amp up your Developer Relations social media outreach

It was an honor and privilege to listen to Guy Kawasaki speak at the recent Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup on Wednesday, November 2 at the Hotel Paradox. Evans Data‘s offices are just down the street, so several of our team walked a few minutes to the hotel. Guy, who is now a Santa Cruz county resident, gave a great presentation, “The Art of Social Media” (co-authored with Peg Fitzpatrick) using his “10/20/30 rule of Powerpoint” format. The 10/20/30 rule is 10 slides, 20 minutes and 30 point font. While Guy went longer than 20 minutes, he finished soon enough that I had time to drive home and still catch the 10th inning of the World Series Game 7 Chicago Cubs win (thanks to the rain delay between the 9th and 10th inning).

Guy Kawasaki - Rules for Revolutionaries       Guy Kawasaki - Art of Social Media

Guy Kawasaki – Best Evangelist on the Planet

I first met Guy Kawasaki back in 1984 when he and Alain Rossman brought the first Macintosh computer down to the Softsel Computer Products (now Merisel) offices in Los Angeles. They gave us the Mac so that we could help get software into computer stores as fast as possible (Softsel was a major software distributor in the early days of the PC business). Who remembers that there were these brick and mortal stores that sold computers and software, some only sold software (Software Centers International, Egghead Software, etc). While I was at Borland, we had Guy Kawasaki give a keynote at one of our annual developer conferences (Guy noted that I was the first person wearing shorts and a tie dye t-shirt to introduce him) where he talked about his book “Rules for Revolutionaries” (co-authored with Michele Moreno). I have rule 5, “Make Evangelists and not Sales” on a slide in many of presentations (every developer evangelist should read and re-read this book periodically).

Guy’s “The Art of Social Media” includes the following topics (note: while Guy uses 10 slides in his presentations, there are 12 chapters in the book):

  1. How to Optimize your Profile
  2. How to Feed the Content Monster
  3. How to Perfect Your Posts
  4. How to Respond to Comments
  5. How to Integrate Social Media and Blogging
  6. How to Get More Followers
  7. How to Socialize Events
  8. How to Run Google+ Hangouts On Air
  9. How to Rock a Twitter Chat
  10. How to Avoid Looking Clueless
  11. How to Optimize for Individual Platforms
  12. How to Put Everything Together

A great companion resource for Developer Relations professionals and Social Media power users is available on Peg Fitzpatrick’s site – “The Art of Social Media Apps and Services Resource List“. There is also an awesome “Art of Social Media” presentation video by Guy and Peg that is linked from the site.

Optimizing my Profile on my Social Sites

Guy Kawasaki in Santa Cruz

After the Cubs won the world series, I went to my computer and used Guy’s advice to update the images on my social sites. In his presentation he talked about “Building a Foundation” by optimizing your photo and profile. Step 1: Guy advises everyone to set your Avatar to a well lit picture and focus on your Face (look at the avatar and ask yourself if you think people will say this person is likable, trustworthy and competent), be Asymetrical (offset your face in the photo). Step 2: take a look at your cover photo (most social sites allow you to have a top of page background photo) and make sure it tells your story and not showcase pictures of your pets (for example). I did just what Guy advised and now my social sites have updated avatars and background photos. You can see my updated Facebook technology page at (where I post developer and development focused news and articles). Thanks for the tips Guy 😀

davidi99 new facebook page bitmaps


Developer Relations Professionals – Guy and David I can help You!

Guy gives presentations all over the planet. Guy speaks at developer, vendor and industry conferences. If you are interested in finding out more information, you can visit Guy’s web site. Check out his books. David I note: I am not Guy’s agent. I am just a fan!

I also present at many conferences and I am ready to help your developer relations program in every way.

David Intersimone “David I”
Vice President of Developer Communities
Evans Data Corporation
Skype: davidi99
Twitter: @davidi99