“Pitch your DevRel Program” Ignite Talk at Evans Data Developer Relations Conference, March 28, 2017

Have you ever given an Ignite Talk? An ignite talk is 20 slides presented in 5 minutes with the slides automatically advancing every 15 seconds. I am inviting all developer relations professionals attending our upcoming 13th Annual Evans Data Developer Relations Conference, to join the best of the best and “Pitch your Developer Relations Program” on Wednesday, March 28 in Palo Alto California.

Why give an Ignite Talk about your developer program? You already know the topic and talking points. Your Ignite talk is becomes a reusable presentation! You can give the same talk at other Ignite events happening around the world. Preparing an Ignite talk, helps you boil down your company’s message and developer outreach to a duration and format that is more than an elevator pitch and less than a keynote. Pitching your program at our conference will educate the other developer relations professionals about your company, products and outreach program. And, you can win prizes!

Ignite Talk

You can learn more about giving and attending Ignite Talks on the Ignite web site. You can watch example Ignite talks on the same site. You can also find other Ignite events on the web site. The site also gives you advice about creating Ignite events in your own cities. Once you give an Ignite talk you’ll want to give more of them. You’ll want to add Ignite talks to your future developer conferences and events. You can encourage your developer community members to give Ignite talks.

Ignite talks are given around the world on a wide range of topics. Why use “Pitch Your Developer Program” as the theme for our conference’s Ignite talks?

  1. The topic is something you already know and are passionate about
  2. Preparing and Giving an Ignite Talk will help you become a better presenter
  3. You can be a “speaker” at our 13th Annual Developer Relations Conference.
  4. It allow all attendees to be quickly educated about your program
  5. Attendees will be able to easily compare multiple developer relations programs
  6. As part of the competition the audience will vote to see who gave the best talk

The Ignite talks session is on the second day of the conference, Tuesday, March 28 from 3pm to 4:15pm. I’ll use the first 2 minutes to welcome everyone to the session and the line up of presenters. Then each presenter will have one minute to get set (you’ll have already sent me your 20 slides in advance), 5 minutes to give the presentation, and one minute to decompress. At the end of all of the presentations use up about 5 minutes to list each Ignite talk and have the audience cheer for the presentation they liked the best. I’ll use an applause/clap-o-meter app on my Smart phone to measure the audience response displaying the level on the screen. I’ll give wicked, awesome prizes to the top presenters!

I’m Looking for 9 Ignite Talks Volunteers to “Pitch Your DevRel Program”

Who can give a “Pitch Your DevRel Program” Ignite talk at DRC2017? Any attendee of the conference can sign up to be an Ignite presenter.

Given the amount of time I have in the conference schedule, I’m looking for 9 Ignite presenters. If you are interested, send me an email and I’ll add you to my list (first come, first accepted). I will send a confirmation after I receive your email with additional information, requirements and deadlines.

Ignite Talk

A few tips to get you started so you’ll say to joining our Ignite Talk presenter list – You Can Do This!

1) Quickly write down 20 short things you would cover in your Ignite talk:

  • your Developer Program name
  • your Name, Title, high school fight song (just kidding about this last item)
  • your Company
  • your products/services/devices/platforms
  • the coolness and uniqueness of your technologies
  • the developers you have and are looking for
  • your Developer program’s features and benefits
  • what developers can do with your SDKs, APIs, tools, libraries, frameworks, devices
  • cool apps that your developer communities are creating
  • how your community members are changing the world
  • why every developer wants to be a member of your program
  • etc.

2) Transfer your 20 notes onto Powerpoint slides – keep bullet text to a minimum. Use Images, Infographics, Diagrams.

3) Use the “rehearse timings” feature to set the 15 seconds duration for each slide

4) Practice, Practice, Practice

Send me your slides when you are ready.

I’ll need your slide deck by one week before the conference, end of day Monday, March 20th, 2017.

Remember: an Ignite Talk is 20 slides, 5 minutes, and the slides automatically advance every 15 seconds.

Ignite Talk Resources

Ignite Talks web site – http://www.ignitetalks.io/

Ignite Talk video examples – http://www.ignitetalks.io/videos

Best Practices for Preparing an Ignite Talk:

This is Going to Be Fun!

If you have any questions or want to sign up, send me an email.

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