Getting/Keeping Buy-In for your Developer Relations Program

It used to be that only a very few specialized software companies cared at all about developers – and usually because they were selling programming tools or platforms.

Now every company needs to be connected and to work interactively with their clients, their partners, their suppliers, and their customers and to do that they publish APIs.  And if you publish APIs you, even if it’s just for your partners, you’ve got a platform.  And if you have a platform, you need developers to adopt it.

Who Needs a Developer Program?  Every company that wants to extend their reach, expand their brand and compete in a connected world.  It used to be that only technology companies cared about recruiting developers and cultivating a robust community.  Now companies in all industries have developer programs.

Five Common Objectives of a Developer Relations Program

There are five common objectives of a developer relations program:

  1. Adding value to your own products
  2. Growing your developer community
  3. Informing and supporting those who use your products or platform
  4. Building partnerships
  5. Growing your company ecosystem

Beyond these five, there are many additional aspects to consider in setting the goals and objectives for your developer program. Building out your list will help you get Buy-In from the stakeholders inside your organization. Depending on the size and age of your company, these stakeholders can include: executive management, business development, marketing, engineering, product management/marketing, operations, sales and support.

Please Take My 1 Question Survey

I am asking for your input as part of the development of a presentation. If you are preparing to pitch your developer program to stakeholders or if you remember what aspects you used when you pitched your existing program, I would appreciate if you could take my one question survey.

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If you have any questions, additional comments, or need any other help, please send me an email.

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