Evans Data Developer Relations Conference 2017 Recap – Ignite talks

I had a great time meeting with all of our great attendees at the 13th Annual Evans Data Developer Relations Conference, March 27 and 28 in Palo Alto. To end the conference, several of us presented Ignite talks pitching our developer relations programs and technologies we use. If you don’t know about Ignite talks you can find additional information on the Ignite talk web site. Basically, an Ignite talk is a five minute talk using twenty slides that are automatically advanced every fifteen seconds. Normally ignite talks are presented about a wide range of topics, but an Ignite evening can also have a theme. I had four brave souls that volunteered to pitch their developer relations program this year.

Ignite Talk

The Ignite Presenters

I kicked off the session by pitching the Evans Data DevRelate Community and Academy for Developer Relations Professionals. Felix Sargent, Director of Developer Relations from Media Math, followed me and presented how MediaMath uses Swagger to ensure that their APIs “don’t suck”. Jayson Delancy, Developer Evangelist for Industrial IoT from GE Digital, presented how their developer relations program is measured and how they reach out to developers. Hannes Kuehnemund, Senior Product Manager from SUSE, gave his presentation about who and what is SUSE, their open source developer history and the push to encourage more application developers to participate. Finally, Andy Jiang, Developer Propaganda from Segment, started his presentation with a blank slide saying that they currently don’t have a public developer outreach program but are working on one and then went on to show how developers can use Segment’s solutions to help companies collect, unify, and act on their data.

The Audience Votes with their Applause

All four attendee presenters did a fabulous job in their presentations. At the end of the talks, the audience was asked to applaud for their favorite Ignite talk. I used the NIOSH Sound Level Meter App smartphone app from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC). NOISH stands for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The app allows you to measure noise in your environment giving you an instant reading as sell as recording the peak level.

The final audience applause sound meter result picked Felix Sargent from Media Math as the winner. Congratulations to everyone who took part.
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