Assessing a Bad Developer Program – Webinar links and information

Today and tomorrow I am presenting the April 2017 DevRelate webinar “Assessing a Bad Developer Program Site and Prescribing Fixes to Rescue It“. This companion blog post contains links to resources and additional information covered in the webinar presentation. This post will be updated with additional information throughout the week as the five webinar sessions take place. Bookmark this post and come back for additional links.

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Example Bad Developer Program Site

Eureka Digital Works (a fictitious company) – used as an example of a developer site with multiple bad practices –



  • Code Smells – quoting Martin Fowler, author of “Refactoring, Improving the Design of Existing Code“, “a code smell is a surface indication that usually corresponds to a deeper problem in the system”.
  • Developer Program Smells – this is my term for developer community sites and developer relations programs that exhibit less than the best practices you will find on other sites. These smells highlight the opposite of what global developers tell Evans Data about those things that are most important in a program and community. You’ll find complete coverage of developer findings in our Developer Marketing and Developer Relations Program annual surveys


DevRelate blog posts related to Best Practices for a Developer Program


Evans Data Tactical Marketing Reports

  • Developer Marketing Survey 2017 – A survey of software developers’ attitudes about the marketing tools and programs used to promote and sell products to them. Provides invaluable insight for your developer marketing campaign.
  • Developer Relations Survey 2017 – This comprehensive study of over 500 software developers examines issues and elements of developer programs. This report provides invaluable insight for your developer program.


What to do if your Developer Relations Program Needs Help?

Send me an email if your developer relations program has some of these bad smells. We can help you to bring your outreach to world class levels with Evans Data primary research, , competitive benchmarking / awareness tracking,  discovering developer personas specific to your technologydeveloper program workshops/assessments and more. You can also contact the Evans Data Sales team to find out more about our strategic reports and services.

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