Developer Program Buy In – Information and Links

The following are some information links for the March 14 and 16 DevRelate webinar, “Developer Program Buy In: How to get it, Keep it, and Measure Your Success“. This blog post will be updated with information throughout the week.

Developer Program Buy In

Evans Data Developer Marketing and Developer Program Research Reports

  • Developer Marketing Survey 2017 – A survey of software developers’ attitudes about the marketing tools and programs used to promote and sell products to them. Provides invaluable insight for your developer marketing campaign. This report is Essential for product promotions, pricing and forecasting, media planning, and all your developer marketing needs. For less than half the price of a single banner ad on most sites, this report will save you and your marketing budget money, time and effort on an exponential scale throughout the year. This is THE MOST important tool you can have for crafting an effective marketing campaign for developers. Report Length: 199 Pages
  • Developer Relations Survey 2016 – This comprehensive study of over 500 software developers examines issues and elements of developer programs. This report provides invaluable insight for your developer program. Get answers to these questions and more in this survey report. Consider this a key resource to help you build and maintain a successful developer program, community website, and training sessions. Report Length: 129 Pages. [Note: 2017 report coming soon]

Developer Demographics 2017

Learn More at the Evans Data Developer Relations Conference and Boot Camp

To learn more about developer program buy-in, best practices, tips, and more you should attend the upcoming Evans Data Developer Relations Conference and Boot Camp. Both events take place in Palo Alto California at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.


Developer Program Buy In: Additional Information and Links

Take my 1 question Getting/Keeping Buy-In survey

Getting/Keeping Buy-In for your Developer Relations Program

        Top 6 buy-in pitch items (so far, as of this blog post writing):

        • Extend product/service into new markets, industries, and regions
        • Create products and supporting technologies that integrate and add value to product/service
        • Get feature requests, feedback on product/service, critical bugs found quickly into engineering
        • Early developer access will assist us in architecture and API choices
        • Developers trust other developers – not sales, marketing, business development
        • Have a set of demo apps to show at product, service and platform launches
        Other buy-in pitch items (so far, as of this blog post writing)

        • Build out a thriving and passionate global/local ecosystem/li>
        • Find future employee candidates for engineering, advocacy, product experts/li>
        • Help make the product/service ecosystem the choice of developers/li>
        • Developers listed to other developers and their recommendations, tips & tricks/li>
        • Create a showcase of apps, POCs, use cases, etc./li>
        • Create/Increase the marketing/brand buzz for new products/services/li>
        • Drive additional revenue/li>


Where does your Developer Relations Program report inside your Company? Choices can include:

      • CEO
      • Engineering
      • Marketing
      • Sales
      • Business Development
      • Product Management
      • Operations
      • Or maybe some other organization

Who are (or might) be your Stakeholders?

      • C-level – CEO, CTO, CDO, CMO, COO, CIO, CSO
      • Engineering – VP Development, Development Managers, Development Leads
      • Business Units – Product Manager, Product Marketing, Business Development
      • Marketing – Social, PR, Web, Digital Marketing
      • Sales/Operations – Global, Regional, Local, Partner/OEM


Getting, Keeping Buy-In by the developers in your Community

Thanks go out to Drew Schweinfurth at Walgreens for the items below.

  • Offer valuable Revenue Share/Affiliate Programs
  • Offer promotions to use your services
  • Offer marketing support and cross channel marketing support
  • Partnership is not a one-way street – services that they can offer to you!
  • Offer them beta or A/B testing on new services or updates
  • Let them meet the team and put faces to names.
  • Have them speak, mention them as a partner at events/conferences.

Do you have Additional Buy-In items and thoughts?

If you have additional Buy-In items that have worked for you and your developer relations program, please send me an email and I will add notes to this blog post.


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