Developer Community Answers Software (Commercial, SaaS, Open Source)

One of the most popular developer answers sites in Stack Overflow (SO). SO is so popular that some developer programs use it for their support and answer site by incorporating specific tags for their company, developer program and products. Did you know that there are answer software solutions available that you can integrate into your community site? Here are just a few of the many commercial and free answer software systems.

Commercial Answers Software

Commercial Online Answers Sites

  • AllAnswered –
  • Askbot –
  • Haydle Enterprise Q&A –
  • Questions for Confluence –

Free/open Source Answers Software

  • Biostar –
  • OSQA –
  • PaizaQA –
  • QAror –
  • Question2Answer –

Do you use other Question/Answer software?

Send me an email if you use other commercial, online or open source question/answer software systems.


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