Ten Developer API Success Factors for DevMktg and DevRel – Webinar Links & Info

There are many aspects related to a developer’s API adoption and a company’s decision to open their APIs to developers. These aspects can include: API features, Documentation, Developer Support, Reasons for joining and staying in a program, ROI and Developer Program Measurement, Developer Outreach, Training, Spurring Participation, Developer Resources, and App Stores.

This blog post contains information and links for the many aspects of successful API adoption, developer program features and developer marketing best practices that lead to a successful partnership between your company and developers.

Evans Data Tactical Marketing Reports

Evans Data reaches out to its global developer panel to produce two annual tactical marketing reports: Developer Marketing Survey Report and Developer Relations Survey Report. The Developer Marketing Survey contains software developers’ attitudes about marketing tools and programs used to promote and sell products to them. This report provides invaluable insight for your developer marketing campaigns. The Developer Relations Survey examines issues and elements of developer programs. This report provides invaluable insight for your developer program and advocacy.


The Ten Success Factors

  1. Provide the 4 T’s – Tools/SDKs, Technical Information, Technical Support, Training
  2. Give Developers a “Runway” – your developer members lead times are often as long as your engineers development time
  3. Prepare your Partners – you’ll need your technology, training, consulting, MVPs and through leaders ready for your releases
  4. Version & Deprecation Reality – developers cannot always move quickly to the latest version or react to deprecated APIs
  5. Developers Love Videos – developers learn new technologies, programming steps, how to use a product
  6. Understand your Developers – your developers are real people and not stereotypes
  7. Show Quantifiable Benefits – give measures of improved code quality, increased productivity, business/financial possibilities
  8. Compelling Marketing Tools – use developer speak (not marketing/sales speak) in your technical newsletters, engineering blogs, testimonials
  9. Developer Success Stories – show how developers architect solutions, list the tools/methods used, provide learned tips, tricks and traps
  10. Handle Bad News Well – if you have to shut down an API/Service provide advanced notice and transition/migration plans

The Twelve C’s

Remember to keep in mind the twelve C’s when you are using the top ten success factors.

  • Community
  • Content
  • Code
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Contests
  • Champions
  • Conversations
  • Cooperation
  • Contribution
  • Certification
  • Celebration

For more on the twelve C’s check out my abridged version blog post. I bet you have additional C’s that are on your list!