Developer Relations and your Company’s APIs – webinar info and links

This week, I am presenting a DevRelate webinar, “Developer Relations and your Company’s APIs” on Wednesday (May 31) and Thursday (June 1). This blog post contains additional information and links covered in the webinar.

APIs and Your Company


Developer Relations and APIs


API Documentation Examples


API Versioning – Overview



  • URI
  • Request parameter
  • Media type (aka content negotiation & accept header)
  • Date
  • Custom request header
  • Domain name



  • XML namespaces and XML comments
  • UDDI version aware service registry


Shared Code Files

  • Filename
  • Version resource


API Resource Links


API Documentation Generation Tools


Additional Swagger Resources

The following Swagger related links were provided by SmartBear Software (thank you Keshav and Tracy)

  1. [Blog] API Design Best Practices –
  2. [Blog] What is API Design, and Why it Matters –
  3. [Webinar] Scaling your API Design Process –
  4. [eBook] Optimizing the Swagger collaborative workflow using SwaggerHub –
  5. [Blog] Design first or Code first approach to APIs –
  6. [Webinar] API Developer Experience (DX), and good documentation practices for good DX –


API Versioning – Examples


Facebook / Parse (BaaS) API Shutdown Example


Evans Data Developer Program Workshops and Assessments


If you have additional API links, best practices, tools, tips, tricks, thoughts and questions, send me an email.


David I - Developer Relations Conference

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FinTech in the Payments Spotlight at Transact 2017 in Las Vegas this week

Transact 2017 takes place this week in Las Vegas, Tuesday to Friday, May 9-12. Transact “is the one show focused solely on the business of payments. Powered by Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), the world’s largest payments industry trade group, it’s the place where innovators gather to make the deals that shape the industry”. The who’s who of FinTech companies will be on hand participating in keynote presentations, technical sessions, committee meetings, the exhibit hall and other special events.


FinTech companies at Transact 2017 along with links to their developer programs

Here is a partial list of companies participating at Transact 2017. The conference site has a complete list of exhibitors and presenters.


ETA Star Awards – Wednesday, May 10

On Wednesday night, the ETA Start Awards, sponsored by Visa, will showcase individuals and companies that impacted the payments industry in the past year. You can see the list of 2017 Star Award finalists and Innovation showcase awards.

Payments Pitch-Off & E-Pay Innovation Award – Thursday, May 11

Payments startups will demonstrate their products in front of a panel of judges. Sponsored by Vantiv, The selected startups will try to impress the judges with their new electronic payments technology product or service. The presentations will take place in front of an audience that will include the judging panel, FinTech media, investors and possible industry partners. The best new technology, product and/or service will be awarded the E-Pay Innovation Award of $25,000.