3rd Annual Developer Marketing Summit Pictures and More

For the past three years Evans Data has hosted the Developer Marketing Summit to bring together an array of professionals that all have something in common – their interest in marketing to developers. This summit provides a platform for professionals to convey their knowledge of targeting a group that is notorious for being hard to market to.

The 3rd annual Developer Marketing Summit staged keynote speakers from well-established companies such as IBM, Google, Intel, and General Motors. Evans Data’s CEO also joined the keynote stage to speak on our most recent research discoveries.

Not only does the Developer Marketing Summit give a voice to companies with developer marketing savvy,  it also provides networking opportunities, as well as a chance for marketing professionals to hear from the developers themselves during a live developer focus group.

Feedback from our 3rd annual DMS attendees:
“A lot of informative data and insights on developers.”
“Loved the interactive nature of session.”
“Great participation from audience.”

What the attendees found most valuable from presenters:
“What makes content developer-friendly.”
“How to get out of traditional marketing and engage with devs in authentic way.”
“Campaign examples of what worked and what didn’t.”



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