Female Programmers Driven by Different Motives than Men

Amid a push to get more women into STEM careers, Evans Data’s newly released Developer Marketing 2019 survey report found significant differences in the reasons for entering the software development industry as well as most important career driver between women and men. The plurality of women (33%) said the most important driver in their development work was personal curiosity and interest in the technologies they use, whereas this was true of only 22% of men. The men’s answers were more wide ranging but they were more likely than women to be motivated by a desire to aid their companies or to contribute to a community.

When it came to the primary reason for entering the software development world in the first place, the women’s top answer with 30% was to “develop my skills and challenge myself”. While a quarter of the men said their reason for becoming a developer stemmed from personal curiosity, they were much more likely than the women to site a need for development skills to support a startup or new business.

“While both men and women are wonderfully suited to technology, the actual motivations for entering the field and for staying in the field differ,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data, “We should bear this in mind as we try to encourage women to become developers. They are more interested in personal skills development and challenges and these are the things we need to play up when recruiting women into STEM careers”

The Developer Marketing Survey 2019 is an annual survey and report on developer demographics, psychographics and receptivity to marketing techniques. It includes sections on Demographics, Psychographics, Influencers, Motivations, Creating Effective Ads, Evaluation Software, Purchasing Journey and Authority, Information sources, Thought leadership, Emails, Newsletters and Blogs, Instructional materials, Hackathons and events, and much more.

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