David I joins Evans Data as VP of Developer Communities

Hello fellow Developer Relations Program Directors, Managers and Evangelists! I’m David Intersimone, better known in worldwide developer communities as “David I”. I have joined Evans Data Corporation as Vice President of Developer Communities. At Evans Data, I will help your programs succeed with consulting, workshops, assessments, webinars, articles, videos, etc.

My responsibilities at Evans Data include the DevRelate Developer Relations Professionals Community. On DevRelate you will find online video courses for best practices in building your developer program. These best practices are supported by research data from Evans Data Corporation. Evans Data is the world leader in developer research. On our site you will also find interviews with developer program leaders, developer program resourced links and more.

About David I

I have spent the last 43+ years in software development and 25+ years of developer evangelism. Supporting the needs of developers, I have created thousands of developer focused articles, webinars, videos and demos. In traveling the world, I have had the honor and privilege of meeting with great companies and awesome developers. I have spoken at many developer conferences, including the annual Evans Data Developer Relations Conference. Think of me as a cheerleader for software developers. I enjoy helping companies that deliver tools, open up APIs and provide services for developers. Years ago only a few hardware, operating system platform and software tool companies reached out to developers. Today I can’t think of an industry segment or leading company that doesn’t have some type of developer outreach. In today’s connected world, successful companies are allowing developers to build complementary applications, tools and services.

My DevRelate Blog

On my DevRelate blog I will focus on developer programs, best practices, industry and development news. I’ll write about developer community success stories. Finally, I’ll cover everything else to help you amp up your company’s developer offerings.

Here to help every Developer Program Success

We will work together to enhance your developer programs. I am very interested in hearing about what you are doing for developer outreach. I want to share your developer program news. Send me an email or Skype connect with me.

David Intersimone “David I”
Vice President of Developer Communities
Evans Data Corporation
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Phone: +1.831.425.8451
Email: davidi at evansdata.com
Skype: davidi99
Twitter: @davidi99
David I, Evans Data, VP of Developer Communities

About Evans Data Corporation

Evans Data Corporation provides regularly updated IT industry market intelligence based on in-depth surveys of the global developer population. Evans’ syndicated research includes surveys focused on developers in a wide variety of subjects.