Guy Kawasaki’s DRC 2017 Keynote – The Art of Evangelism

We had the distinct pleasure of having Guy Kawasaki give a keynote at our 13th Annual Evans Data Developer Relations Conference. Guy’s presentation was titled “The Art of Evangelism”. In his keynote, Guy explained the art of evangelism and how to “spread the good news” of your product or service and get others to help spread the word.

Guy_Kawasaki-Canva-Art_Of_Evangelism  Guy-Kawasaki-03

Guy started the keynote by defining evangelism as “getting people to believe as much as you do”. Guy then covered some of the history of evangelism starting from Greek history of “bringing the good news”. To answer the question about why you should evangelize your product or service: 1) it’s good, 2) it’s cheap, 3) the results are long lasting, and 4) it’s fun to be an evangelist. To start your evangelism effort, Guy told us “you need a cause”! To be successful you just need to remember to focus on outreach that is DICEE: Deep, Intelligent, Complete, Empowering and Elegant.

The Art of Evangelism

Guy then continued by focusing on the principles that make up the “Art of Evangelism”:

  • Touch gold
  • Plan many seeds
  • Provide a safe first step
  • Let 100 flowers grow
  • Localize your efforts
  • Think Tinder, not eHarmony
  • Show your passions
  • Post good stuff [David I note: sorry Guy, I couldn’t put the third word you used]
  • Post “too much”
  • Use user-generated content
  • Perfect your shareability

Guy completed his keynote by discussing the rise of Social Media evangelism. He encouraged everyone to be bold in your social posts, to dig deep into topics, and to “go live” with video and presentations. He suggested that everyone explore a few software tools, services and sites for your video social posts: Wirecast, Be.Live and Blue Jeans.

Guy also live streamed his keynote on his Facebook page. You can find the keynote on Guy’s Facebook video page at

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