Internal Evangelism and Enablement to Support your Developer Program – Webinar Info & Links

This blog post includes additional information and links used in this week’s DevRelate Webinar “Internal Evangelism and Enablement to Support your Developer Program“. Developer Relations team members spend most of their time doing external evangelism to their developer community and prospects. At the same time, it is even more important to have an active and ongoing focus on internal evangelism to keep key stakeholders and departments aware of what you are doing while eliciting their help and guidance for your efforts. To some, it might seem like quite a task but it can be accomplished by setting up enabling internal technologies and systems to make it easy for employees beyond your developer relations team to support your efforts. This webinar will cover multiple ways for you to keep your company up to date while garnering their continued support and provide assistance with your content generation and activities.

The information and ideas contained in this webinar come from years of evangelism experience and also feedback from multiple Developer Relations professionals who are DevRelate members.

Topics Covered in this webinar

  • The Value of Internal Evangelism
  • Internal Community Newsletter
  • Events “Tag Along”
  • Trip Reports
  • Pictures/Stories on the Office Walls
  • Internal Webinars/Briefings/Lunches/Calls
  • Awards Voted by Employees/Stakeholders
  • Employees as Community Members
  • Community Member Advisory Board
  • Encourage Top Members to Visit
  • Internal Dashboards/Channels/Systems


If you have additional ways that you do internal evangelism inside your company, send them along to David I for inclusion in this blog post.


14th Annual DevRel Conference March 26-27, 2018 – Palo Alto, CA

Two full days of sessions, round tables, workshops and networking events. Join top developer program managers as they share insights from some of the most successful programs in the industry including: GE, Oracle, RedHat, DocuSign, Ford and leading keynotes from IBM, Intel, Google and Guy Kawasaki join Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data Corp.


Developer Relations Boot Camp – Sunday March 25, 2018

The Evans Data Corporation’s Developer Relations Boot Camp provides a solid foundation on which you can build or enhance your developer program. Concentrated sessions in this one-day instructional program provide the insight and actionable information you can use to build your brand and establish strong relationships with your developer community.

New Interactive Workshops!

After each session Boot Camp attendees will break into teams to work on projects related to each topic. Each team will report back to all attendees and discuss their findings and solicit feedback.

Benefits of attending the Boot Camp

  • Grow your developer community with the right members
  • Use best practices to drive business success
  • Reduce your DevRel costs and Increased your Program’s Scalability
  • Improve developer experiences on your Community site
  • Leverage developers to increase business value
  • Satisfy developer pain points


Boot Camp sessions

  • Program Strategy, Getting Buy-In and Framework for Success
  • Essential Developer Program Basics
  • Know Your Developers: Developer Personas and Segmentation
  • Crafting a Win-Win-Win Strategy for your Developer Program
  • Best Practices for Successful Developer Relations Programs
  • Effectively Communicating with Developers