Ten Essential Developer Relations Program Features

At the Evans Data Developer Relations Conference 2016 Sunday bootcamp, I was asked to present my top ten list of the “Ten Essential Developer Relations Program Features” that a successful outreach program should have. During the conference I also gave a presentation about best practices for a world class developer relations program. Both of my presentation slide decks are available on the DevRelate web site. Other presenter slides are also available on the same site.

My Top Ten Essential List

  • SDKs – APIs, tools, libraries, documentation, Wiki, Best Practices, Use Cases, tutorials, example code, test data, unit tests
  • Access – membership, accounts, specialize hardware, simulators/emulators, services, sandbox
  • Content – articles, blogs, news, road maps, social posts, success stories, solutions, social posts, RSS feeds
  • Answers – StackOverflow, StackExchange, Quora, Reddit, FAQs, Knowledgebase
  • “How To” Videos – short 5-10 minute videos accompanied by additional links and resources
  • Deep Dives – tutorials, webinars, hands on workshops, hangouts, longer duration videos, livecoding.tv, Twitch developer channel
  • Developer Forums – conversations, threads, community based help, web based, NNTP based
  • Partners – your ecosystem, MVPs, technology partners, trainers/educators, consultants, resellers
  • Support – phone/email, bug reports, workarounds, feature voting
  • Events – conferences, meetups, hackathons

What’s on your Top Ten List of Essential Developer Program features?

This is just my top ten list. There are many more features that developers (especially those in specific industries and markets) require. If you have additional features on your developer program offering, send me your list and I will add it to my checklist.

Note: at DRC 2016, I was working for Embarcadero Technologies as Chief Evangelist for their developer tools and developer community. I am now working at Evans Data as Vice President of Developer Communities. In my new role, I am helping the tens of thousands of companies that need to build a developer relations program and for those companies who need to enhance their existing program. I am here to help you!

David I

Vice President of Developer Communities

davidi at evansdata.com