Webinar: Oct 11 & 13 – Introduction to Building a World Class Developer Relations Program

Developer programs begin, evolve and grow organically and they vary from one organization to another. Each company comes into the Developer Relations space with its own motivations and expectations that are reflected by the resources devoted to the program and the interests of the stakeholders. But there are methods, techniques and insights that apply to every developer program and that only come from years of experience. This webinar will get you started and move you forward, fast!

During the webinar, David Intersimone “David I”, Evans Data Vice President of  Developer Communities, will introduce the Evans Data DevRelate community, present a subset of the content included in our Developer Program Advisory Workshops, demo the Evans Data Analytics Console and give an overview of Evans Data’s Research offerings. Our webinars (this being the first of many to follow) are designed to help companies interested in starting a new developer relations program and companies looking to enhance their existing developer outreach. If you have questions or need additional help, feel free to email me in advance of the webinar! David I, your webinar presenter

Webinar Dates/Times

  • Tues, Oct 11 – 7am PDT (9am CDT, 10am EDT, 1400 UTC, 3pm BST London, 4pm CEST Frankfurt/Milan)
  • Tues, Oct 11 – 10am PDT (1pm CDT, 2pm EDT,  1700 UTC, 6pm BST London, 7pm CEST Frankfurt/Milan)
  • Thurs, Oct 13 – 8am PDT (11am CDT, 12pm EDT, 1500 UTC, 4pm BST London, 5pm CEST Frankfurt/Milan)
  • Thurs, Oct 13 – 1pm Pacific Time (3pm CDT, 4pm EDT, 2000 UTC, 9pm BST London, 10pm CEST Frankfurt/Milan)

Note: This webinar is offered several times. Select the date and time that works best for you. The content for the four webinars is the same. On the GoToWebinar registration form, use the drop down at the top to select the date and time.  If you want to register for more than one session, submit your first request and then use your browser back arrow, select a different date and time and register again (the form should retain information).



  • Know Your Developers (10 minutes)
  • Developer Relations program strategies for your business (10 minutes)
  • Essential Developer Program Basics (10 minutes)
  • Analytics Console (4 minutes)
  • Q&A (10 minutes ++)

Who Should Attend

  • Managers & Directors of Developer Programs
  • Technology & Developer Evangelists
  • Business Development Managers & Directors
  • Product Marketing Managers & Directors
  • Marketing Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Research Managers
  • Corporate Communications Managers
  • Heads of Developer Marketing
  • ANYONE who deals with developers!


Additional Resources and Links

Before, during and after this webinar, this blog post will contain links to the slides, webinar replay and additional resources to help you.


About the Presenter

David Intersimone, known to many as David I, is a passionate and innovative software industry veteran who extols and educates the world on developer tools, software development and software architectures. David I joined Borland Software in 1985 where he practically invented Developer Relations. During David I’s forty-three years as a developer, development manager, developer community executive and chief evangelist, he has created a thriving global developer community, thousands of articles, videos and blog posts.

Before Embarcadero acquired the developer tools business from Borland Software, David spent more than 20 years with Borland in various evangelism, engineering, and development capacities, including creating the company’s developer relations program.

Today, David I shares his visions and insights as a pioneer in developer relations with program managers and directors through Evans Data’s Developer Program Advisory where he gives workshops, guidance and advice on program creation and enhancement and through the DevRelate Developer Program community website.

David Intersimone “David I”
Vice President of Developer Communities
Evans Data Corporation, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Phone: +1.831.425.8451
Email: davidi at evansdata.com
Skype: davidi99, Twitter: @davidi99