Effectively Communicating with Developers – Webinar Information and Links

Developers are a special category of computer users. Effectively communicating with developers involves creating the right content, including technical information, and speaking in terms that developers appreciate. The January 2018 DevRelate webinar discusses several ways in which you can effectively communicate with an audience of developers.


David Intersimone “David I”, Vice President of Developer Communities


1) Choosing topics of interest to developers
2) Preparing your technical communication and information details
3) Creating effective in-person, email, social media, and online communcations
4) Q&A


Additional Webinar Information and Links

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Evans Data Tactical Marketing Reports

Evans Data reaches out to its global developer panel to produce two annual tactical marketing reports: Developer Marketing Survey Report and Developer Relations Survey Report. The Developer Marketing Survey contains software developers’ attitudes about marketing tools and programs used to promote and sell products to them. This report provides invaluable insight for your developer marketing campaigns. The Developer Relations Survey examines issues and elements of developer programs. This report provides invaluable insight for your developer program and advocacy.